Cleanpaste and Applicator Cloths

A New Way To Maintain Your Ironer

Deposits can easily build up on your ironer, no matter what method of lubrication you use. With a combination of alkali/carbonised powder waxes, process heat and/or lint residues, the spaces between chests and gap-pieces are particularly susceptible to build up. These deposits lead to higher maintenance and running costs.

DRM recommends Cleanpaste, a gentle cleaning solution created using a blend of polyolefins and water. This method avoids the use of abrasive cloths and mesh pads which can leave tiny scratches on your ironer bed, encouraging new deposits to form.

  • Removes residues with no mechanical action required to reduce scratching of the ironer bed.
  • Complies with all quality and safety standards
  • Free of aggressive chemicals or solvents
  • Continues to work for an extensive time after application
  • Increases the working life of roll padding and tapes by removing staining
  • Use daily or weekly depending on your process needs

Cleanpaste cleans your ironer in 5 easy steps:

  1. Run the ironer at its slowest speed and normal operating temperature with the rolls in the beds and the extraction turned off
  2. Spread Cleanpaste evenly under the applicator cloth’s flap
  3. Pass the cloth through the ironer
  4. Follow the paste through the ironer with a series of damp sheets
  5. Repeat the process across the width of the ironer to ensure all deposits have been removed

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