Ironer Tapes and Tape Welding

Ironer Tapes
DRM stock a full range of both knitted and woven ironer tapes to accommodate all types of ironers. These include heavy duty knitted tape, combined meta aramid and polyester tape and heavy duty woven polyester tape.

Tape Matic Cordless & Tape Matic Mini
Our Tape Matic machines are ultrasonic welding machines for ironer tape which are quick and easy to use. The Tape Matic Cordless and Tape Matic Mini will solve your problem instantly, just push a button and the ironer tapes will be immediately welded. Tapes are welded securely using ultrasonic waves with no heat elements required, making them safe to use.

The machine is versatile and can be used with any type of heat weldable materials (synthetic fibres) expect 100% Nomex filaments. It is designed for use by both left handed and right handed operators as the head turns to suit both requirements. The machine can be used in many different environments including places with dust and lint.

Easy to use:

  • Feed tape into ironer
  • Pull the tape coming out from the ironer roll to optimize tension
  • The tape coming out from the reel should be overlapped with a length of 10-20cm and welded with parallel points.
  • To be cut using the safety cutter