Re-Springing Service

As agents for Nuova Folati’s San-Ai range, we provide a reliable re-springing service for your ironers. Our experienced team of engineers provide a full fit service in both the UK and Ireland.

Techno Press

Stability: The fine shaped support band keeps the spring firm under pressures and whilst screwing.

Suction: The Techno Press band is perforated, allowing the ideal suction. As a result, the external cover is provided with increased ironing productivity and is long lasting.

Quality Material: Made of galvanized steel, Techno Press winds around the rolls to the ironer with maximum adherence. The entire spring padding withstands maximum pressures. Techno Press is available in different heights to be installed on every ironer, and can be made to meet any requirements.

Jointable: It is possible to carry out secure junctions; this allows both fast repairs directly on the ironer and the use of every part of the spring, avoiding wastes.


Max Press

  • Higher speed plus increased efficiency
  • Equal layout of the caps allows for a uniform heat transfer
  • Special hooks on the caps keep the felt in place